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Brian Tallerico’s “Loses Personality” Is a Gift From the Future

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Brian Tallerico has crafted a superb composition with his latest work, “Ender’s Game Loses Personality in Journey From Book to Film.” The concerned critic addresses the modern state of CGI, and all that is left behind with plot and character development. Tallerico is eloquent with his words, and the work is absolutely a must-read.

Loses Personality is on a mission, and Tallerico launches with a tight opening paragraph that states his concerns. One will immediately recognize the importance of the review.  

Tallerico is fair with his critique in Loses Personality and raises important questions for the future of cinema. Audiences will appreciate the critic’s recollection of when the Sci-FI genre could take the viewer on a ride.

Loses Personality breaks down the story of the main character, Ender,  with deep analysis and sharp writing. The combination of film theory and critique may floor some readers as there is an abundance of reviews that barely offer an opinion, let alone thoughts on the key figures. Tallerico highlights the bright spots of Asa Butterfield’s performance, but also communicates the flaws of the plot devices. This is effective, piercing, and thoughtful film criticism at its finest.

Brian Tallerico’s Loses Personality  is not only a fantastic critique with beautiful visuals, but a poignant meditation on the current state of CGI affairs. Are we losing our humanity? Is storytelling not important anymore? The critic pleads with Hollywood to remember the joy that one can experience through the basics of cinema.  

Loses Personality  is essential reading, and should be shared on social media like so many Flying Cat videos.    

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