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Austin Kennedy’s “ PRISONERS” Is Overlong and Rarely Interesting

In response to Austin Kennedy’s 1220‑word review of Prisoners on Film Geek Central

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Austin Kennedy’s “Austin reviews PRISONERS, starring Hugh Jackman!!!” sounds enthusiastic, with its triple-exclamation-point title in comic sans font, but the title is very deceptive as this review is anything but an exciting powerhouse performance.

Kennedy provides a great plot summary, and then claims to the reader that he will not spoil the plot. He lies to the reader by later giving away far too many of the specific scenes in the movie.

What goes without saying, Kennedy says anyway, over and over, until this review, housed in  gray-black mist, makes the reader’s eyes bleed. The review also has syntax and grammar issues, albeit subtle, that will surely annoy the perceptive reader.

Kennedy aptly tells the reader how watching Prisoners made him feel like a parent with a child around the same age as those who were abducted in the film, which some readers may find interesting.

Kennedy also likes to tell the reader what a “great job” was done with the film, the actors, but doesn’t provide anything that sets the review apart, other than its mediocrity.

This review is unbearably slow-paced, and not an easy one to sit and read through. Kennedy definitely isn’t a phony, but his writing style isn’t interesting either.    

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