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Chris Hewitt Delivers Witty, Wordy “Thor”

In response to Chris Hewitt (UK)’s 1252‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Empire Magazine

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Chris Hewitt runs out of comedy before he runs out of words in “Thor: The Dark World.”

Hewitt’s deadpan delivery is decidedly British (“nip out for a loo break” was the first clue). This is a good thing because Hewitt’s Limey internal comedy editor is a genius; he knows exactly how to phrase them and place them for the greatest impact: “Come for the stings, stick around for the previous 100 minutes of people talking and fighting and whatnot.”

The problem with this type of humor, and humor in general, is that it’s hard to maintain a consistent quality over long periods of time. People can only take so much. Such is the case here. It’s not that Hewitt goes for the laugh too often, but his review is so long winded (and rehashes the plot for so long) that you’ll start to glaze over after the first seven paragraphs and miss out on the comedy bombs Hewitt has strategically placed throughout.

The critiques are relevant:  “The whole thing clips along at such a brisk rate — at just over 100 minutes it wraps up when most blockbusters are grinding their gears — and is so entertaining that it doesn’t seem to matter.” They’re just hard to find amidst all the wordiness.

Read the first two paragraphs and the last two to get the best bits of this one.    

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