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Matthew Turner’s “Fire Film” Is Lost in a Noisy Web Page

In response to Matthew Turner’s 429‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on ViewLondon

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What will it take to push Matthew Turner to the next level? His latest crafting, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Film Review,” offers enough to just to get by without having to work too hard. Surely, the audience deserves a bit more—at least something that can separate the work from the rest of the pack. There is a nice format in place, and the critic could improve his review game with just a little more effort.

Although perhaps it is not the critic’s fault, Fire Film seems lost in the web page. The image is puny and doesn’t reflect all the glory of J-Law. There is a lot going on with the site which detracts from Turner’s work, one can only dream of a day when he receives proper attention.

Perhaps that day will come when Turner offers a bit more thought in his reviews. The “What’s It All About?” section of Fire Film is informative and lays the groundwork for the review, however the actual critique is just another flimsy composition that can be found anywhere. There is almost nothing about the performance of Jennifer Lawrence (she is “pretty much perfect”), and Turner produces the obligatory cast mentions without saying anything of value. Oh, and the film tackles societal issues. It’s all vague and does nothing for the reader.

In “The Great” section of Fire Film, one may expect to find something great, and not one paragraph of flimsy statements on the direction and production design.  

Fire Film is a forgettable review. Let’s hope that Matthew Turner can step it up a notch and let his presence become known in 2014.    

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