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Harvey S. Karten Soapboxes and Stumbles His Way Through “Furnace”

In response to Harvey S. Karten’s 716‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Compuserve

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Nearly every critic who’s reviewed “Out of the Furnace” has taken the same tack in their reviews, turning them into discussions of the Rust Belt and decrying the decline of manufacturing in America. This is a fine approach with which to briefly frame the lower-middle class milieu where the film is set or provide some context on the characters’ dilemmas, but often this framing has turned into self-indulgent or politically charged tirades that do nothing to shine a light on the film for readers.

Such is the case with Harvey S. Karten’s “OUT OF THE FURNACE.” The critic uses this as a chance to soapbox a bit and it lends the piece a dull, whining tone.

There’s a ton of plot rehashing here (also a trend with this film) and it’s not until the last two sentences that Karten gets to anything resembling critique. On the whole, it’s solid criticism, but there’s far too little and Karten wantonly shirks his responsibility to offer a word on many of the requisite points for a review.

And, to add insult, all of this is housed in what can only be called one of the ugliest sites on the internet. This one’s not worth your time.    

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