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Clint O’Connor Takes Off the Ol’ Critique Hat in “Doesn’t Thrill”

In response to Clint O'Connor’s 710‑word review of The Counselor on Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Clint O’Conner is a campfire storyteller in his latest description “The Counselor: Thriller with Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz doesn’t thrill (review).” The critic takes off the ol’ critique hat, and tells a story that is rich with description. Audiences will tense up with anticipation.

O’Connor begins with a personal tale in Doesn’t Thrill  in which he discusses the expectations of a McCarthy/Scott film. Readers will be intrigued by nasty stories of guns and blenders, and prepare for the moral of the story. “The Counselor is beset with problems,” the critic says and continues on with the description.

Doesn’t Thrill fails to thrill because O’Connor offers only tiny bits of insight to back up his claims. The introduction is a swell start, however the critic follows up with six paragraphs of plot summary, which is informative, but not entirely enlightening.

The concluding paragraphs of Doesn’t Thrill are equally as dull, and statements such as “it has its moments” aren’t exactly thought-provoking. It’s clear that O’Connor has seen the film, but fails to offer a glimpse into the techniques or flaws that one may be curious about.

Doesn’t Thrill briefly touches on analysis, but runs away like critique is a scary drug cartel.    

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