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Jamie S. Rich’s “The God of Thunder” Is a Web Page With Words

In response to Jamie S. Rich’s 428‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Oregonian

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Has Jamie S. Rich seen Thor: The Dark World? That is the question. His latest work, “Thor: The Dark World review: The God of Thunder rumbles back into theaters,” may lead some to believe the critic was elsewhere.

Rich does provide sentences and paragraphs in The God of Thunder, but sadly the work has little else to offer the innocent reader that was to his web page of destruction.

The God of Thunder is truly a hot mess of nothing.

The lame introduction becomes even worse when Rich uses the phrase “it totally did.” One will think of a teenager gaining access to an adult’s computer and writing a film review.

After two average paragraphs of summary, readers might get excited at the possibility of something happening in the review. Unfortunately The God of Thunder has nothing but cryptic statements and questionable writing.

Rich examines the characters in The God of Thunder just like anyone from your local gym could. “Thor continues to be charming and arrogant.” Deep stuff. Portman is “active in the goings on” and Loki “embraces the role with all four limbs.” The reader will surely be thankful for the tremendous effort.

The God of Thunder is juvenile, vague, and deserves to be e-trashed.    

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