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Siobhan Synnot’s “Ender’s Game (12A)” May Be the Worst Review Imaginable

In response to Siobhan Synnot’s 56‑word review of Ender’s Game on Scotsman

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Has a joke been played on Scotland and the rest of the world? Is Siobhan Synnot claiming that her latest work, “Ender’s Game,” is an actual review? Surely, there must be an error in Internetland as the critic’s fifty-six word offering is barely fit to be recognized as a description, let alone a “review” or “critique.”

What is the point of even acknowledging the film if a critic is going to slap the reader in the face with absolutely zero content? What can possibly be learned from Synnot’s Ender’s Game? The work is two sentences. (1) A description of the main character. (2) “Wars have felt shorter and better managed than this long-winded epic.” One will likely bust out in laughter at Synnot’s use of snark which is quite ridiculous given the content. Furthermore, based on the brevity of her own work, readers will have to wonder whether their understanding of the word “long-winded” could possibly be comparable to Synnot’s intended meaning.  

Synnot’s Ender’s Game raises the question of whether Siobhan Synnot actually watches films or just makes an educated guess based on what is available on the Internet.

Synnot will test the patience of other critics with her unbelievably disastrous performance. Her review is beyond bad. It is a serious problem that one should speak to the critic about. The reviews deserves zero stars across the board, but technically one can’t say Synnot spoils anything. No, she says nothing. What a complete waste.    

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