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Simon’s Review of “Give It a Year” Is Well Thought Out and Structured

In response to Brent Simon’s 756‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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Brent Simon constructs a convincing, put-together narrative with his review “I Give It a Year Movie Review 2.“The strength of this review lies in its attention to detail. The review bases are all covered and not too much time is spent lingering on one aspect as opposed to another. In the face of all of this the review still manages to maintain flow and not seem choppy. A stellar accomplishment on the part of Simon.

Unlike the many shoddily constructed reviews, those that jump unpredictably from subject to subject like drunken chess pieces, Simon’s Review 2 is solidly anchored in logic and care. There are strong transitions between each paragraph linking together the author’s thoughts about the film in a way that feels cohesive and well formulated.

In fact, such care is taken that the review doesn’t end with a single letter or star ranking. Instead, Simon focuses on the four areas most important to him and scores each one individually. It makes for a terrific summary and conclusion.

Sadly, the review is not particularly attractive. A boring black and white text is only accentuated by a picture at the very end, once the readers have already finished with the entire piece. Simon is a talent to watch, but he needs to find a team that can support him as well as he can write.    

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