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David Kaplan’s “Counselor” Is Good Cop/Bad Cop and Unbelievably Bad

In response to David Kaplan’s 1276‑word review of The Counselor on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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David and Jeanne Kaplan’s latest creation, “The Counselor” is somewhat entertaining due to the extreme difference opinion, but one may choose to walk away after the first annoying section.

One will certainly appreciate Jeanne Kaplan’s opinion on the film, however the commentary in Counselor is a bit aggressive, rude and the critic even appears to be oblivious at times.

Counselor opens with Jeanne Kaplan’s confused take; she appears to be writing in a train-of-thought style rather than offering a composed and structured review. Readers will learn of her displeasure with Fassbender’s character not having a name, along with the looks of Penelope Cruz. It’s all a bit trivial, and Jeanne fails to expand and explain what the scenes reveals about the characters and the film as a whole.  

Jeanne continues on with her aggressive writing, condemning specific scenes without trying to attempt to understand the motivations. Overall, the writing comes across as a fan who is easily offended. On top of that, the organization is quite clunky, making the unpleasant all the more unbearable.

David Kaplan offers a more composed take, regardless of his opinion, which is quite different. The critic guides the reader through the structure of the film and makes a clear statement about the message of the film, as opposed to Jeanne’s rambling thoughts. Although David’s take is far from thorough, it at least offers the reader a tiny bit of a reason to stay on the web page. After the disastrous open, one will find David’s weak analysis pleasing, which is a strange effect. There is more describing than anything else.

Kaplan vs. Kaplan’s The Counselor could have been improved with more analysis and less rambling. The only real noteworthy aspect of the whole affair is the disagreement between the husband and wife who have been uninterestingly on the same page for a while now. At the very least, David doesn’t just echo Jeanne, which is a much needed change of pace.    

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