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Mark Ramsey’s Review of “Thor: The Dark World” Not as Funny as It Thinks

In response to Mark Ramsey’s 757‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on MovieJuice!

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This next act is a standup who’s played all the big rooms—even the big house! (pause for audience groans). Ok, ok, ladies and germs, please welcome Mark Ramsey reviewing “Thor: The Dark World”.

“Thank you! Thank you! Hey, I just flew in from Asgard—and my arms are killing me!”

Ramsey’s review degenerates into a mediocre standup routine quickly after launch. He doesn’t so much review the new Thor movie as use it as a springboard for his so-so comedic riffs. Indeed, in the second paragraph we’re treated to this comedic gem: “the only similarity between Oscar and Thor is that both have heads that sound hollow when you knock on them.” Readers would be justified if they wondered how Ramsey’s head would sound if also knocked upon.

Oh and he totally went there: “Remember when sequels were gracious enough to include a roman numeral…the only thing Roman is my attention well beyond the theater.”

Somewhere Joel Siegel is laughing; the rest of us, not so much.

Missing is any attempt at a coherent critique. The review reads as if Ramsey wrote it during the previews after already deciding to hate everything about the latest Thor movie. This might be excusable if his comedic riffs were funnier, but they’re about as fresh as jokes suggesting that lawyers are not good, trustworthy people.

Readers looking for laughs or a decent review will find neither here.    

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