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Joanna Langfield’s “The Counselor” Is Vague and Forgettable

In response to Joanna Langfield’s 347‑word review of The Counselor on The Movie Minute

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Joanna Langfield seems to be hiding underneath the surface of a quality review in her latest work “The Counselor.” One has little to learn from the critic, and the information provided is vague and thin in content. One will likely cry out with frustration before moving on with their day.

Counselor opens up with a clear statement, which is a nice start, but its more flimsy than memorable.

Langfield fails to supply an adequate plot summary in Counselor, and instead says “I’m not sure what to make of several introductory scenes.” The reader will become aware of this fact given that Langfield says almost nothing to help the reader understand anything about the film. What are the scenes about? What do they mean to the film? Readers will learn that the critic is able to address what she doesn’t know, but not expand (because she doesn’t know).

Sadly, there is little character analysis in Counselor. Langfield focuses on a bizarre scene involving Cameron Diaz, but fails to communicate any sense of who the people are. Audiences may feel that since Langfield didn’t enjoy the film, then she doesn’t want to offer a complete review. It will leave most readers flat and disappointed.

Counselor is truly forgettable.    

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