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Daniel Eagan’s “Film Review: Ender’s Game” Lacks Passion

In response to Daniel Eagan’s 239‑word review of Ender’s Game on Film Journal International

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Daniel Eagan’s “Film Review: Ender’s Game” is a drowsy slog devoid of passion. It is a disappointment that a review 30 years in the making is filled with so much needless exposition. Considering this is a story that paved the way for all the most popular and inept fiction of the current generation, Eagan’s talky summary of almost the entire film comes off as lazy to the point of contempt.

A visual critique is a given in such a review, but Eagan fails to deliver. He slaps together useless, back handed comments such as: “As a screenwriter, Gavin Hood manages to tell the story almost entirely from Ender’s point of view…” as if Eagan is surprised that basic storytelling is suddenly possible. At one point mid-review, Eagan commends the aesthetics of bunk rooms and hallways without giving the reader any clue as to why these corridors are so spiffy. It will make readers wonder if there was so little to compliment, or if it is just a glaring hole the editor missed.

Comparisons to Hunger Games and Twilight come off like a sad attempt for Eagan to appeal to a younger generation without putting forth the effort. Girls don’t whip their pants off at the mention of Edward, and those who do will land you in the state penitentiary.

Film Review: Ender’s has no passion. It is by the numbers to a fault, unenthusiastic, and not worth your time.


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