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Claudia Puig’s “The Counselor” Is Clean and Thorough

In response to Claudia Puig’s 627‑word review of The Counselor on USA Today

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Claudia Puig is businesslike in her approach to film critique. It’s not exactly paint by numbers (calling it that would be an insult to her work here), but point A leads directly to point B which leads to point C  and so on.

If that sounds bad, it’s not.

No, Puig’s “‘The Counselor’ talks too much for a crime thriller” is simply orderly and matter-of-fact enough to please anyone suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Everything is very neatly and methodically worked over and she leaves no conspicuous leaf unturned.

She does away with the formalities of summarizing the plot or outlining the cast and delves right into the critique. Cormac McCarthy’s script is the star of the review, and Puig focuses almost entirely on his screenplay, whose “phony eloquence doesn’t make the obfuscated and tedious story any clearer or more compelling” and whose “wannabe suspenseful story itself does not do justice to the talented cast caught in its convoluted web.”

Puig’s writing is purposeful and practical and those traits work to great effect here, giving readers of USA Today exactly what they want; a straight to the point, quick story in a neat little package. Puig’s review has everything you’ll need and nothing you don’t.    

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