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Joe Neumaier’s “Catching Fire” Is a Visually Aggressive VagueFest

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 491‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on New York Daily News

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Can there be too much Katniss? Joe Neumaier smothers the reader with visuals in the dressed-up summary that is “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: movie review.” It’s unclear if the critic has a professional association with the film or some sort of promotional tour where visuals are forced upon poor readers. It’s bad marketing, but surely there are many who can never have enough Katniss. You be the judge.

What exactly does Neumaier offer the audience in Catching Fire? Well (sigh), the critic describes the film and informs the audience that actors are in it. The extreme amount of images may lead some to experience frightening hallucinations, which may take minutes to recover from. The sad truth is that Neumaier’s intentions are honorable, but the image assault is simply too much. It distracts from his writing, however the larger problem is the complete lack of analysis.

Once Neumaier actually gets to the critique in Catching Fire, he only makes a few comments on the lead and supporting cast. The review ends after a final paragraph that teases the reader with a small amount of insight.

The whole experience of Catching Fire is disturbing, and everyone involved should just move on and look to the future.    

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