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Cue the Sad Trombone for Henry Fitzherbert’s “Games-Catching”

In response to Henry Fitzherbert’s 902‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Daily Express

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Somebody cue the sad trombone. Oh man, what happened here? Henry Fitzherbert’s latest offering, “The Hunger Games—Catching Fire: review and trailer,” opens beautifully, but turns into a recap rather than a critique. Some readers may be led to believe they are reading about their favorite television program from the night before.

Fitzherbert gets down and dirty in the introduction of Games-Catching by immediately bringing the Katniss with force and vigor. One may think “Whoa. Easy with all the J-Law,” but then realize that it might not be enough. The writing is always smooth, and the critic just lets his prose soothe the mind with the sweet J-Law prose—at least in the first few paragraphs.

The transition to director Francis Lawrence is brief and quite uneventful. Fitzherbert fails to let the reader in on the techniques of the new director, but does identify the film as “grand” and “expertly made.” The Fitzherbert Train slowly looses steam, but the statement “It’s time to get real” keeps the reader entertained.

Games-Catching turns into a massive recap, and suddenly the work ends without any real critique. Fitzherbert summarizes not only the sequel, but the first film as well and essentially describes what happens for the remainder of the work. It’s slightly devastating how the critic goes on and on without understanding the true desires of the audience. Sure, there are moments of brief analytical thoughts, but Fitzherbert abruptly ends the “review” after his summary is over. Mamma Mia.

Games-Catching begins strong, but Fitzherbert gets too cutesy and forgets the concept of film criticism.    

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