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Dustin Putman Begins the Putman Marvel Movement in “Dark World”

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Passion. Heart. Vision. Dustin Putman displays these three traits in the aggressive but honest “Thor: The Dark World (2013).” The critic has had enough of the formulaic nonsense, and pleads with Marvel to show a little of their own passion, heart and vision. The work is heavy, and one must be emotionally prepared for the experience.

An epic paragraph of fiery commentary opens up Putman’s Dark World. The critic unleashes sentences of fury about the poor content of Marvel films over the years, which leads to a series of question about the franchise’s lack of heart and passion. The introduction is worthy of a Spotify playlist that could help the reader feel the full intensity of Putman’s powerful prose.

What will the new Thor film provide for the viewer? Feel the fire of Putnam in Dark World as he shreds the film to pieces. The critic is always fair, but is not afraid to let his words run free. Putman thrusts his frustration into the poor staging and lack of character emotion with the force of the meanest Marvel meanie. Don’t get it twisted though, Putman’s writing is for you and your well-being. He is your protector and desires quality flicks for all to enjoy.

By the conclusion of Dark World, Putman transitions to a beefy paragraph on Alan Taylor’s direction and also the script. It’s a beautiful finale, and the critic’s readers will likely begin to think of cool phrases for the new Putman movement.

Dark World is a relevant piece of work, and the passion of Putman is nice to see in this crazy world of criticism.    

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