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Jordan Adler’s “Nebraska Review” Is a Success in Every Way

In response to Jordan Adler’s 1092‑word review of Nebraska on We Got This Covered

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Jordan Adler delivers a peaceful performance in the gentle and meditative “Nebraska Review.” The work is best read during the nighttime with Enya’s Greatest Hits and a tasty glass of wine.

Review is over one thousand words, and Adler delivers with each and every sentence. It’s a scholarly work that shows a commitment not only to the audience but the craft of film criticism. The critic seems to be saying “We’re Facebook official. Please accept my gift.”

Adler begins the enlightening Review by looking at a scene with the two leads at Mount Rushmore. The critic manages to bring the past of cinema to life, and allows the reader to understand the old-timey feel of director Alexander Payne’s techniques. Black and White. Old Paramount credits. Hitchcock. Adler wins and wins big with the fantastic open.

The character analysis of Review is a revelation. Adler offers legitimate critique—not one or two sentences of lightweight statements that do nothing for the reader. The critic pays special attention to the performance of Bruce Dern, and lets the reader understand the specifics of his confused face. Adler doesn’t stop there, however. Will Forte receives equal respect along with June Squibb.

Review is a classy joint, and Adler closes out in style by addressing the score, and also the script from Bob Nelson. Adler might just be the much discussed “Holiday Spirit From Cinema Past.”   

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