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Thomas Caldwell’s “Film Review—Gravity” Is a Modern Masterpiece

In response to Thomas Caldwell’s 1050‑word review of Gravity on Cinema Autopsy

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In a sea of movie reviews that seem to have gotten continuously shorter and more narrowly focused as readers’ attention spans have dwindled, reading a review such as Thomas Caldwell’s “Film review—Gravity (2013)” invokes a deep sigh of relief. There are still reviewers out there who put real thought and skill into their craft, and Caldwell is one of them.

Film review—Gravity does not just recap and then offer some vague, cookie cutter analysis. Caldwell invokes the very history of cinema, from its earliest days, to convey a sense of wonder and awe at the accomplishments of modern cinematic innovation. Here the reader is treated not just to a film review, but a history lesson. Not the sort of dry, detached history lesson one might find in a textbook, but the sort presented by a favorite college professor who brings a sense of wit and wisdom to his lectures.

There is no letter or numerical grade in Film review—Gravity, no five star system or dueling thumbs. This review doesn’t need it. Caldwell is so thorough in his presentation that the reader is informed enough by the end of the review to make any such grading scale superfluous. That is the mark of a great review.  Film review—Gravity truly stands alone as a classic of modern film criticism.    

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