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“Games: Catching” by William Goss Sizzles but Lacks Blaze of Glory

In response to William Goss’s 714‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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William Goss produces a respectable work in “Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but one may experience a desire for more Jennifer Lawrence and thoughts on the supporting cast.

Games: Catching is a wonderful display of the written word, and Goss may earn new followers due to his crafting. The analysis of Francis Lawrence’s direction is intriguing with thoughts on a water motif and attacking monkeys. Goss injects a sense of mystery into the work, and one may have epic dreams due to the subject material and placement of words.

It’s difficult not to enjoy Games: Catching.  After all, Goss offers a wonderful opening and conclusion, detail on the director and a decent look at the star Jennifer Lawrence. However, the critic’s one paragraph on J-Law doesn’t really say much about the actual performance or the character. One learns that Katniss is busy pleasing the masses while dealing with PTSD, but that’s it.

Even more troubling than the lack of Katniss in Games: Catching is the critic’s lackluster paragraph of cast mentions. There is no effort to offer any critique, and Goss just rattles off a bunch of names which does little for the reader. He does note that Jeffrey Wright and Amanda Plummer “each gets to make their own colorful contribution to the story,” which is another way to say that they are more than minor players. It’s all quite vague.

Games: Catching is a solid creation, but Goss could have made it much better with a closer look at the characters.    

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