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Free’s “Kick-Ass 2” Is Uneven but Successful at What It Sets Out to Do

In response to Erin Free’s 815‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on FILMINK (Australia)

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Erin Free’s “Kick-Ass 2” ramps up the reader’s excitement and makes even a dweeb feel awesome for reading a critical review that shows insight and affection.

What’s refreshing is that Free isn’t a comic book-obsessed fan who hunts for minutia to put under her lens. She distances herself from the pack by reviewing the film largely on its own terms, with the requisite amount of back-story about what in the world happened in Kick-Ass.

The review still employs the standard comparisons (Mean Girls remains a touchstone for the review), but never collapses under the weight of its many comparisons.

She knows that anarchy and carnage are at the heart of such a review, but doesn’t flinch with acknowledging the value of the movie’s addition to comic book lore (Hit Girl being everyone’s popular choice).  

The insight on the series momentum (that it is about to splat into redundancy)  is well conveyed and appreciated. But Free can’t help playing arm-chair director and suggesting how a film about people pretending to be super heroes should end.

Perhaps Free wishes she could slip on a “Director’s” jacket and stop Kick-Ass 2 from derailing as she feels it did. No matter. What Frees gets is the goal of the movie, and why it didn’t miss the mark, but smashed it to oblivion. This was achieved without resorting to bad pyrotechnical jargon or fanboy snide. Free shot the target and hit a bull’s eye.     

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