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Laura Clifford’s “Escape Plan” Will Have Readers Looking for a Way Out

In response to Laura Clifford’s 625‑word review of Escape Plan on Reeling Reviews

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Laura Clifford’s “Escape Plan” shows the unfortunate limitations of amateur film reviewing. She makes careless mistakes, like using the word “it’s” when she should have used “its” and apparently not knowing who Guy Fawkes is (she refers to characters as wearing “Guy Fawkes masks” when in fact they only wear generic black masks that do not bear Fawkes’s likeness.)

A more professionally produced review from a big-name review site would undoubtedly have had these mistakes caught in the editing process, but Clifford is an army of one (at least in her partner’s absence) who is shooting straight from the hip without stopping to make sure she’s using the right ammo.

Of course, using the wrong ammo can cause a weapon to backfire, and to strain the metaphor a bit, here the backfiring is in the fact that Clifford’s mistakes greatly detract from her overall credibility.

As far as the arguments made, Clifford’s Escape Plan does fairly well. Clifford seems to get what makes an action movie such as this one work, and she uses that knowledge to set the appropriate tone for the review. It’s not overly critical, but it doesn’t cut the film any breaks either. There are as many flaws pointed out here as there are strengths, and it’s nice to see that kind of balance.

Still, the amateurishness of the review never stops being apparent, and that makes it hard to recommend. Clifford’s Escape Plan should be avoided by all but the most skilled escape artists.    

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