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David Nusair’s “Gravity (November 11/13)” Is Head-Scratchingly Contration

In response to David Nusair’s 230‑word review of Gravity on Reel Film Reviews

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David Nusair takes a lot for granted in his “Gravity (November 11/13).” The first is that the audience will be coming to see the film predisposed against the film. This assumption, so casually put forward, is almost jaw-dropping in its unexpectedness. Recent memory can’t recall a movie so preposterously hyped up as Gravity and readers can’t help but wonder where the negative conditioning Nusair alludes to would be coming from.

Nusair’s work is characteristically short, the whole work just one long parentheses-heavy paragraph, and so perhaps this shorthand was the only way for Nusair to get his points in. That would be well and good if he had valid points to make. Unfortunately, the whole work is as perplexing as his initial assumptions.

Nusair closes his review out by describing Gravity as (among other, less positive things) “technically-impressive.” This conclusion is representative of the whole review. In short, it makes no sense.

Nusair spends the bulk of the review deriding the film for it’s poor integration of 3D and for its underwhelming special effects. Nusair details (more like mentions) how the audience will be unable to get involved with the film due to its technical distractions. This makes the final note ring resoundingly false.    

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