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Chuck Koplinski’s “Formula Alive and Well” Is as Strong as It Could Be

In response to Charles Koplinski’s 341‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Illinois Times

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Chuck Koplinski really delivers with “Marvel formula alive and well in rollicking ‘Thor 2. ‘(3-12 stars.)” It’s about as good as a review of its length could be. So strong is the work in fact, that you’ll find yourself wondering why it has to play third string here. It could easily stand on its own.

Koplinski doesn’t ignore the context of the film, but he also doesn’t spend a preposterous percentage of his space dedicated to comparing and contrasting the film to its illustrious companions. Instead, a clear picture almost instantly emerges of the tradition into which Thor: The Dark World was born. It’s one of the most succinct establishing shots in recent memory.

Formula alive and well moves with an enjoyably quick speed. Plot recap is deftly interwoven with analysis and cast mentions. The focus of the writing shifts pleasantly from one image to the next, creating a highlight reel of expectations that serves the arguments as well as they heighten audience anticipation.

Koplinski’s real strength is his balanced approach. There is nothing over the top here, either way. He is able to point out negative aspects of the film while explaining how they affect the experience as a whole. There isn’t a single sentence that rings false, hyperbolic, or out of place. An enjoyable ride from start to finish.    

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