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Kut Loder’s “The Wolf Of…” Excessive Story of Excess

In response to Kurt Loder’s 873‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Reason Online

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If there is a writer’s high, Kurt Loder rides it to the fullest in “The Wolf of Wall Street Martin Scorsese’s electrifying tale of sex and drugs and very dirty money.”. . at least before overcompensation topples it like a house of cutting cards.  

This tome runs more information by the reader than a cocaine addict with verbal diarrhea. The weight of this massive monstrosity would tip the scales of an industrialized illegal bulk shipment scale. Fortunately, the content is such that it is an entertaining read nonetheless, but it would have been infinitely more effecting and persuasive at half the size with twice the conciseness.

But the length is hardly the most glaring weakness of this piece—rather, it is the information overload. Before delivering his consensus, Loder nearly summarizes the entire premise. It’s so akin to the out of control aspect of the protagonist, it’s amazing he manages to stop himself before spoiling the plot as well. Nevertheless, there is far too much disclosure, which compromises the mystery of the source material—thereby ruining it for the audience. The reader should be left with more questions regarding that aspect, and that is impossible to accomplish if the author answers them all.

So alas, another potential masterpiece bites the dust. With a little restraint, Loder’s assessment could achieve the level of adoration of his most esteemed peers. It’s unfortunate that the piece crashes and burns so soon after take-off.    

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