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Matt Brunson Delivers the Spectacular Truth in “For Outter Space”

In response to Matt Brunson’s 1027‑word review of Gravity on Creative Loafing

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Matt Brunson is personal and direct with his audience in “Gravity: The final frontier for outer space FX.” Readers will be pleased by the blunt concoction of truth on the state of cinema, and how films will be seen over time.

For Outer Space opens by addressing the high praise given to the film, and brings the production down to earth with a fair and objective take. It’s a nice introduction, and readers will be curious and interested moving forward.

Plot summary can be lost on many readers, however Brunson makes For Outer Space interesting with a thorough examination, and a small amount of humor. It keeps the momentum moving forward, and the critic is only getting started.

For Outer Space proceeds to deliver three well-constructed paragraphs that tackle cinematography, the main characters, and the script. Each individual section is lengthy, and Brunson’s audience will be pleased by the careful detail and respect shown to the film.

Although many will appreciate Brunson’s personal tone in For Outer Space, some may feel that he goes too far with the handling of the final scene. It’s another classic example of the critic acknowledging respect for the viewing experience, yet still offering up information that can taint the ending.  

Matt Brunson delivers a remarkable performance in For Outer Space, and closes out the review on a memorable note.    

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