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Jim Schembri’s “CLOUDY WITH a CHANCE of MEATBALLS 2” Is Scatterbrained

In response to Jim Schembri’s 239‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on 3AW

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Jim Schembri is all over the place in his recent “CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2.” Short, quick sentences, sometimes constituting a whole paragraph, allow Schembri to change directions as quickly and constantly as he chooses. Unfortunately, he chooses to do so a lot.

This approach has its own unique pros and cons. The main pro is that Schembri doesn’t spoil much of the plot. Though you get the feeling that a lot of the movie is being referenced, it reads like the lightning fast scene mash-ups at the tail end of a trailer, right before a smash cut to the title card. Since Schembri isn’t interested in providing much context, he can’t spoil many details.

The cons are numerous and overwhelming. There is no sense of direction in the piece. Readers will feel disoriented from the first to the last paragraph. There are very few insights here, just descriptive words that follow each other at breakneck speed. When the review comes to an abrupt close discussing The Simpsons, you’ll wonder how in the world you could have gotten there.

This late in the season, when the film in question has lost nearly all of its steam, an effort to revive the flagging genre of Cloudy 2 reviews needs to really pack a punch. Schembri might have gotten away with this type of review a few months ago, but today, it just feels tired, overplayed, derivative, and impotent.    

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