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Jim Judy’s Sprawling “Nebraska” Leaves Out Too Much Review

In response to Jim Judy’s 1137‑word review of Nebraska on Screen It!

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Screen It is another site whose driving force is a quest to help parents decide whether a film is appropriate for their kids by cataloguing things like profanity, nudity, and violence (for a monthly fee). While a lot of these sites forget to review the film and focus only on its content, Jim Judy’s efforts are typically a cut above.

“Nebraska,” though, is not one of his better efforts. Judy opens with a quaint remembrance from his childhood and tenuously ties it to the film, but he drags this connection (to the black and white cinematography) for far too long, chewing up the first four paragraphs with a sentiment which could have been expressed convincingly in one.

Judy then spends the next three paragraphs rehashing the plot, even though he’s already done so with a hefty description in the “plot” section.

All this filler leaves two short paragraphs at the end for Judy to review the film, something which he does only passably here. There’s a short blurb on the performances, the direction “feels complete and just about right,” and Phedon Papamichael’s “black and white cinematography is sublime.”

These are relatively salient points, but they could use some fleshing out which Judy could have done had he left himself more space. As it is, this is too little too late.    

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