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Katey Rich Delivers “Rich” Analysis of “Gravity”

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Katey Rich’s hit “Movie Review: Gravity” is a treat for readers, the type of analysis that plumbs the depths and resurfaces with surprising, effortless buoyancy.  

Instead of launching right into a narrative, Movie Review: Gravity begins with a bit of theory—what does it take to make entertainment work? Rich allows the reader to puzzle about it for a while. It’s a nice little touch that presages the same types of insight throughout the piece.

When Movie Review: Gravity has the opportunity for summary, it deals with it by interspersing some visual, visceral effects to keep things moving along rather than merely trampling, as so many similar works do. There’s a je ne sais quoi about Rich’s language, which is at once vernacular and informed. The author delights in detail, and audiences will appreciate the precision and care with which details are selected, then relayed.

It’s rare for a review of this caliber not to do one of a few things: descend into egoism, justify itself by rambling, or resort to tedious diction.  Movie Review: Gravity is instead very tightly controlled, every jot and tittle in its place, little margin for superfluousness.

Readers will love a conclusion that, for the sake of avoiding spoilers, raises some serious questions about archetypes and the nature of spirituality. Again, Rich isn’t out to “make” audiences think one thing or another.

Rather, she allows them to believe.  Believe they will, after reading this phenomenal analysis—and a higher recommendation is hard to come by.    

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