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Bill Clark’s “GRAVITY (2013)” Is Disposable, Forgettable and Unambitious

In response to Bill Clark’s 432‑word review of Gravity on FromTheBalcony

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Bill Clark’s “GRAVITY (2013)” was published a good two months after the bulk of the 230+ entries in the genre of Gravity reviews. With all the man hours worth of work going before him, Clark has the difficult task of saying something new on a subject that has been widely and extensively discussed. He also benefits from hindsight as he has the opportunity to synthesize the disparate viewpoints that have come down the pike since the film’s Venice debut. Sadly, Clark didn’t get the memo.

Not only is there not a single shred of self-awareness in the entire work, Clark simply rehashes the simplest talking points about the film for an imaginary audience that needs a quick blurb about a film that came out two months ago.

Everything about (2013) is hack. The introduction and the conclusion both ring of the simplest and most cliched approaches to the film. The content is so flimsy and paper thin that imagining anyone reading the review and feeling satisfied is preposterous.

The writing itself does little to redeem the poor content. Clark seems unable to manage his perspective, slipping into first person plural when it suits him, shifting back out to a fly on the wall a few sentences later. If any of it were as seamless as Alfonso Cuaron’s camera slipping into Sandra Bullock’s helmet it would be one thing, but this is just one clunky, unappealing, awkward, cliche retread that serves no purpose and should be avoided at all costs.    

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