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Steve Persall Charms in Fun, Witty “Escape Plan”

In response to Steve Persall’s 509‑word review of Escape Plan on Tampa Bay Times

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It takes a lot of effort to appear effortless and maintaining a breezy, flowing tone is not easy. But, in “Review: ‘Escape Plan’ just like the good ol’ days”, Steve Persall manages to be charming and amiable with the ease of a veteran.

Rarely does a critic’s prose flow this easily and feel this pleasant. Persall is fluent in this buttery smooth approach and he can slouch and wink with the best of them, a wicked combo that makes for the silkiest of reads.  

He opens with the most fitting line anyone has used to describe this movie, calling Escape Plan “so dumb, it’s adorable”, telling you everything you need to know about Persall’s take, which is generally favorable. It’s a flick that “might pass for something from their 20th century heydays” but the second half dissolves into “cascading malarkey requiring not one but two speeches to explain.” The two leads get their lumps and there’s the requisite geriatric joke or two thrown in for good measure, but Schwarzenegger gets high marks for “playing burly second banana to a cagey ape, the George Kennedy for Cool Hand Sly” (you have to love a review that references Cool Hand Luke. )

This is as brisk and crisp as it gets and if you like your reviews with buckets of panache with some smirk thrown in on the side, Persall’s your man.    

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