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Graham Young Turns Cheeky in “The Hobbit”

In response to Graham Young’s 508‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Birmingham Mail

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Graham Young is a cheeky devil in his piece on the latest flick featuring little people climbing a mountain, “Review: The Hobbit—The Desolation Of Smaug 3D (12A).”

There’s enough sauciness here to supply an Olive Garden and, aside from a few missteps, Young injects the proceedings with a smart-alecky tone throughout, making Review: The Hobbit a fun romp for readers of all ages.

Young opens with a reference to director Peter Jackson’s endless milking of the franchise for every buck that can possibly be squeezed out of it, a theme he uses to underscore some of the critique later on in the review.

No paragraph contains more than one sentence, a design choice that will undoubtedly make you feel dumb, (and it makes the piece feel like those old Larry King one-line non-sequiturs), but here it actually feels right when you consider Young’s less than serious style.

This style makes the 508 words fly by and it would be smooth sailing but unfortunately, the ending—echoing the source material—is abrupt, unsatisfying, and will leave readers with a bad taste in their mouth.

Check out Review: The Hobbit for its fun humor—just stop reading before you get to the last two lines.    

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