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Nell Minow Succeeds With Pure Class in “Gravity: Movie Mom”

In response to Nell Minow’s 826‑word review of Gravity on Beliefnet

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Nell Minow continues to impress with her latest thoughtful and deeply profound work, “Gravity—Movie Mom.”

As always, Minow provides excellent information to parents from the outset, using her own unique eight-categories approach. It’s a staple of the Nell Minow experience, and keeps her relevant in the world of film criticism.

The opening imagery of Movie Mom captures the basic essence of the plot, and Minow looks after her audience with not one, but two early recommendations.

Minow proves to be a great anti-spoiler mind by warning the reader several times about what will follow. One will certainly be appreciative, but also anticipate what the critic has to say.

After a well-written, if general, plot summary, Minow inspects the technical achievements of director Alfonso Cuaron with intellect and grace. Minow writes with respect, and refrains from an all out praise-fest by noting  flaws of the film that will interest her audience.

Movie Mom‘s ending could have been improved with a clear statement on the film. Instead, it fizzles out slowly. The final questions posed by Minow are always insightful, but appear to be thinning this time around. Many will feel as though Minow missed an opportunity to offer bigger questions about life in this final section.

Overall, Movie Mom is superbly written and works as both a stand-alone review and another brilliant entry into Minow’s ever-growing pantheon. It is sure to please newcomers as well as Minow’s devotees.    

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