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Jim Judy’s “‘The COUNSELOR’” Blindly Leads the Blind

In response to Jim Judy’s 1193‑word review of The Counselor on Screen It!

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This long winded offering from Jim Judy is an endurance test for the audience, and most likely the author as well. ““THE COUNSELOR“” makes one wonder if he speaks in the same fashion and, if so, exactly how voluminous is his lung capacity?

Lingering on even the most mundane details, Judy guides the reader through the murky bog that is the subject of his writing. Readers must be resolved to follow his lead like a torch in the darkness. Only the torch seems to lead astray so frequently, one wonders if the author does so intentionally—either in a misguided attempt to expound on half-baked concepts, or to deter attention away from the possibility that he is just as lost as the they are.

Still he persists, all the while adding more subterfuge to the already chaotic atmosphere in the form of speculative hypothesis, combined with pointless soliloquies and unnecessary homages. These nuances only serve to burden this relentless rhetoric further. Focus is of tantamount importance in writing, especially when discussing something so unfocused. Unfortunately, the author’s “guidance” only serves to reinforce the confusion and create malaise in the process.

This is both frustrating and unwarranted, for Judy’s talent is evident. There is true beauty to be found, once all the rough pieces are chiseled away. Nevertheless, it is there, buried under the surface like an ancient ruin waiting to be unearthed. But while the prospect of archaeological discovery will no doubt awaken the reader’s inner Indiana Jones, too much tends to make one feel like they’re just grave digging… which indeed they might be if their patience gland is not properly honed.

In summary, the reader is advised to enter at their own risk. And be sure to bring plenty of torches.    

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