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CJ Johnson’s “So Far, So Good” Is So Confusing

In response to CJ Johnson’s 422‑word review of The Counselor on ABC Radio (Australia)

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In “So Far, So Good”, CJ Johnson delivers something that is as incoherent and incomprehensible as his subject.

To give the author some credit, Approaching a piece like this is no easy business. There is little consistency to be found in the source material. Thus, decoding it understandably entails a generous amount of detective work. Furthermore, the analysis gleamed must then be relayed to the audience in a manner that is not only clear and concise, but somewhat interesting. And while Johnson seems to handle the investigation part aptly enough, he fails miserably in his debriefing.

To put it simply, Johnson’s take on the subject is a stilted rant of poorly organized thought, relayed in a way that is just as difficult to follow as the source material. There is literally no flow to speak of here, and the fact that events are relayed completely out of sequence only complicates matters further. However, it is the author’s long-winded delivery that weighs this piece down more than anything. He overloads his statements with a plethora of unnecessary verbiage, suggesting he enjoys hearing himself talk more than anything. Packing one’s text with descriptors in order to demonstrate one’s extensive vocabulary is not compelling literature. It’s simply showing off.

Sadly, that’s what appears to be happening here—a self-serving, preening, posturing snapshot of Johnson’s own narcissism. No reader would benefit from reading this, and thus, they should stay clear. The author’s ego is obviously large enough.    

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