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Richard Roeper’s Video Review, “Thor: The Dark World” Hits All the Marks

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Richard Roeper, the heir apparent to Roger Ebert, is keeping the tradition of reviews for the masses alive with “Thor: The Dark World Review.”

Roeper’s got an appealing, casual air that makes reading (or watching, as the case may be) his reviews an absolute joy. No, this isn’t heady, ultra-intellectualism, but, for a movie like this, who cares? For a Marvel super hero movie, readers want the highlight reel, not a Ken Burns documentary, and that’s exactly what Roeper delivers.

His delivery is spot on and his plainspoken, straightforward approach feels like a cool breeze. But don’t mistake colloquial for shallow. Roeper doesn’t use grandiose terms, but he chooses his words so economically and appropriately, that his observations are dead on. Most reviewers struggle to find short hand that every reader will understand immediately, but Roeper’s a master at this. With one word, you’re on the same page.

Here’s another aspect of his review that doesn’t get much press; he’s excellent at spoiler avoidance. He can walk that razor, hinting at a gag without ruining the joke or a set piece without really letting the cat out of the bag. Again, something most critics dream of.

This is a three minute masterpiece of conversational critique and should not be missed.    

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