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Ann Hornaday’s Review of “Catching Fire” Too in Love With J-Law

In response to Ann Hornaday’s 742‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Washington Post

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Ann Hornaday feeds the Jennifer Lawrence fame monster in “Jennifer Lawrence Dominates ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Sequel.”

Like the “fame monster” sung about on Lady Gaga’s album of the same name, Jennifer Lawrence’s fame must be fed, and Jennifer Lawrence Dominates is a 500 pound bag of praise-chow that Hornaday loaded into her shopping cart at the wholesale club.

Hornaday is a talented and knowledgeable enough reviewer to avoid becoming a movie cheerleader—but she comes perilously close. Indeed, reading Jennifer Lawrence Dominates, one would be pardoned for wondering if the other actors in the film did anything but marvel at Jennifer Lawrence’s performance.

Hornaday has clearly bought into the J-Law love fest, writing that “Lawrence is a force of nature. Even viewers who watch ‘Catching Fire’ unwillingly won’t be able to resist her gravitational pull”. Hornaday isn’t so much reviewing a talented actress’s latest cinematic offering, but rather proselytizing for the Holy Roman and Apostolic Church of J-Law.

Also, Jennifer Lawrence Dominates is two unnecessary pages—surely so The Washington Post could force readers to look at more ads.

Though Hornaday’s praise is in the vein of “you go girl” and is welcome in a Hollywood that grinds up young actresses, one wishes she got beyond the rah-rah stuff to the more in-depth analysis that she is clearly capable of.    

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