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Isaac Chotiner Will Make You Scroll With Vigor in the Political “Icons”

In response to Isaac Chotiner’s 986‑word review of Escape Plan on The New Republic

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Isaac Chotiner brings political intrigue and suspense to his latest piece of work “Schwarzenegger and Stallone: Right-Wing Icons Trapped in a Left-Wing Movie.” The fingers of the reader will surely receive a good workout from the inevitable swift scrolling.

Icons opens with a beefy paragraph that offers snark and will capture the attention of the audience. Chotiner’s remarks are fair, however the tone of the critic could result in one visualizing a V for Vendetta.

Chotiner employs a political hook in Icons to lead into the film, and it works brilliantly. The critic takes his time with each section, and audiences will be pleased by the attention to detail and respect for the reader.

Icons offers a healthy dose of information on Sylvester Stallone’s character and transitions to an equally solid commentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role. Chotiner has a strong understanding of what his readers expect, and delivers the goods. Far too often, one may read a review and find little information on the lead actors. Icons is not one of those reviews.

Isaac Chotiner concludes the comprehensive Icons with a solid look at the performances and the politics of the film. One will feel thankful to the critic for superb analysis, and perhaps even feel smarter due to the thrilling political commentary.

Icons is essential reading, and Chotiner should investigate the possibility of writing political thrillers.    

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