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Dom Mill’s “Catching Fire Review” Enjoys the Craziness

In response to Dominic Mill’s 1114‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on We Got This Covered

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In “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review” Dom Mill is a good enough sport to enjoy a movie he considers mostly ridiculous. Though he does have some praise for the movie, it is permeated with and floating in criticism like a chunk of French bread in onion soup.

Mill’s attitude toward the subject of his review is perfectly summed up in the following conclusion: “Brooding and bonkers in equal measure, an uneven plot and hammy script are redeemed in a wave of grand concepts and monkeys with violent dispositions.” Readers will be excused for wanting to see the movie based simply on the promise of “grand concepts” and “monkeys with violent dispositions.”

Catching Fire Review‘s most interesting point might be its view of the movie being “the most out-there mainstream flick in years.” Interesting conclusion for a big-budget movie based on a wildly popular young adult series of books, i. e. exactly the type of movies that tend to be the least out-there of mainstream flicks. Luckily for readers, Mill makes a thought provoking case for this startling claim.

Strangely, for a review that revels in its subject movie’s bizarreness, Catching Fire Review features a large and uninteresting still photo of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence above the headline. It would have been more fitting had J-Law been sporting one of the costumes from the film that looked like “a hilariously nightmarish cross of Terry Gilliam and Vivienne Westwood.”   

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