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John Anderson’s Review of “I Give It a Year” Is Quality Writing in Need of a Growth Spurt

In response to John Anderson’s 201‑word review of I Give It a Year on Wall Street Journal

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Was John Anderson reviewing I Give It a Year or did he happen to spend the weekend at Guantanamo Bay and share his experience with us? After reading the applicable portions of “‘Elysium’: Classy Class Warfare”, an epic anthology of conjoined reviews, the two experiences will be less distinguishable.

The impression most will get from this movie based on this scathing critique is that the film is radioactive. The words aren’t minced or delivered with a spoonful of anything. From the first sentence onward we are treated to a downward spiral filled with such gems as “this painful misfire, was probably on paper, promising enough” as well as “I give it a minute” or “this was close to excruciating.” Point taken.

The review is full of brevity and lacking in depth. Its obvious our critic loathed his experience, but why? More attention is given to writing hollow tipped insults, as opposed to the actual review it would seem.

Had it been a little longer and more developed, then it would have been a more recommendable review. There is plenty to enjoy about this micro review, but the information to be gotten from it is where the problem actually lies.

You can find “I Give It A Year” as the fourth and final entry in the Elysium anthology. A misguided title and choice by any stretch of the imagination.    

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