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Tony Medley’s “Escape Plan (8/10)” Is a Perfect Blend of Quick and Dirty

In response to Tony Medley’s 220‑word review of Escape Plan on Tolucan Times

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Tony Medley’s “Escape Plan (8/10)” unloads quick and well, like a machine gun in an Austrian bodybuilder’s meaty fist.

The relentless first paragraph makes it impossible for the film to come off  as anything but a continuity-rotten mess, staring has-beens and an old Jesus actor, with fight scenes that suspend disbelief, where the real heroes are the supporting cast.  

The big mistake for Medley, however, is confusing this film for an action film. It’s violent for a prison film, not an action movie, so the reign of bullets is not going to be as nutty as the Matrix.  

The film, according to Medley, is a string of cliches and terrible coincides and a hackneyed ending. But should people go and see it? Of course! Why? It’s entertaining.  

It’s a strange note to end on after hearing how awful everything in the film has become, and yet the “escapist tension” is worth it for a “couple of hours.”

Sure, movie reviews should have dynamic tension, but inherent contradictions are not good reading if done in rapid fire ways. “It sucks, I love it!” is cute in small doses, and is the battle cry of lovers of junk culture, but how much awful should one put up with to get to a sliver of good? You will not find the answer to this question in Medley’s review. Thankfully, it is less than a couple of hours.    

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