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Eric Kohn’s “Companion Piece” Is Not Quite Kohn-Esque

In response to Eric Kohn’s 1068‑word review of The Counselor on indieWIRE

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Eric Kohn’s latest work is slightly disappointing. The critic focuses on atmosphere in “Review: The Counselor, Written By Cormac McCarthy and Directed By Ridley Scott, Is An Equally Chilling and Ridiculous Companion Piece to Costa Gavras’ Capital,” however readers may be more impressed with the glorious title than anything else. The content is thin, which is very un-Kohn-esque.

Companion Piece is written with the mastery of ten Cormac McCarthys, but one will yearn for a character breakdown that pierces the soul, and sets the mind off into new dimensions. Sadly, there is a notable absence of the typical thorough Kohn analysis, however the surprise appearance of a Costa Gavras review is a treat. The technique is a next-level move, and one may momentarily forget the the overall quality of Companion Piece.

Kohn begins his work with a lengthy introductory paragraph, which may arguably be the highlight of Companion Piece. The critic’s words are blunt like the greatest mysterious middle-men, and even manages to make not one, but two excellent references.

After the satisfactory plot summary of Companion Piece, one may curiously scroll down and get excited about the length of the review. Unfortunately, the reader cannot know that Kohn has squeezed in an extra review without looking too closely.

Eric Kohn delivers an excellent take on the potency of McCarthy’s script, along with a sensible commentary on the cartoonish qualities, but the audience will undoubtedly desire more. Kohn refuses to expand on the obligatory cast mentions, and fails to provide the reader with a sense of who the characters are—especially The Counselor, Michael Fassbender.

Companion Piece focuses on, and nails, the companion piece angle. It fails to offer a comprehensive take on the film, though, which will limit its appeal to only Kohn’s core audience.    

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