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“A Disappointment” by Randy Myers Shows Future Potential

In response to Randy Myers’s 529‑word review of The Counselor on San Jose Mercury News

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Randy Myers’ latest, “Review: The Counselor a disappointment,” is of tight construction, but is ultimately barely above average. One will be pleased by the writing and accessibility, but the work is far from comprehensive. The critic’s overall style is quite enjoyable, but could use a healthy dose of character study, and a better understanding of the audience.

A Disappointment references the title character three times, but never says anything else, unless you count “hotshot lawyer.” Who is Michael Fassbender? He is the Counselor, and Myers ignores him completely. The critic states “you wish McCarthy would have expanded more on the roles of supporting characters,” but refuses to address those very characters in his review.  The obligatory mentions are there, but not much else.

To the credit of Myers, the structure and writing of A Disappointment is excellent. The words flow with style, and the work is pleasing to read. One can only wish that Myers will dedicate himself to providing a true critique in the future, rather than a dressed up summary. The critic has the potential to be all the talk of San Diego.

A Disappointment is definitely not essential reading, but it at least reads well and doesn’t rely on shock tactics.    

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