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Gray’s “Kick-Ass 2” Smells Like Teen Spit-Lit

In response to Ali Gray’s 705‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on

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Ali Gray’s “Kick-Ass 2” is mired by the usual distractions of scrolling headlines and annoying banners that plague the online review world. Sadly, that is just the beginning of the problem.  

Gray’s review begins with a mini class on film terms and their applicability to the super hero genre, an ill-fitting attempt to appear smart. Comparisons to other films in reviews are often necessary evils, and it makes sense that Gray would reach for the Dark Knight to draw a line in the sand for what good can come from sequels. At least he plays it safe in style.

Gray’s moves on to discuss “tone.” Then the value of “screen time.” Then the troubles of “central characters” and the arch nemesis. Here Gray breaks from the pack, actually delivering praise for the villain whose name we cannot say. Though it’s an interesting position, the whole affair up to this point feels more like reading a term paper, than a work of art.

What’s most unfortunate is that Gray’s analysis goes from dull and mundane, to interesting and neat, way too close to the end. The quality of the writing spikes as there are shots and jibes that feel like a real reviewer is getting to work.

And then, it’s gone. The usual cat calls for there to be a plot that send the review back into the dry and repetitious chorus of Kick-Ass 2 movie reviews.    

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