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The Incredibly Moving “Gravity Review” by Jonathan Lack Has Spoilers

In response to Jonathan Lack’s 2285‑word review of Gravity on We Got This Covered

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“Gravity Review” by Jonathan Lack is one of the more memorable reviews in recent memory for good reasons and bad.

Jonathan Lack opens up his brilliantly detailed and rich piece with a jolt to the heart. The opening sentence of “Gravity Review” is bold with honesty, and moves on to an incredibly personal and intense paragraph of emotion. Lack’s personal commentary will move the reader, and sets the stage for the rest of the review.

Lack’s outstanding writing is academic in nature, and his Review explores film theory with tremendous detail.  Review explores all aspects of the film with supreme insight, while simultaneously providing a ride into the past, and how the history of filmmaking is relevant to the current review.

As a result of the enormous amount of information included in Review, Lack reveals a spoiler that is highly disappointing. The information may not be necessarily important to one who has already seen the film, but is most definitely not included in the majority of current reviews available to the public.

Review is the story of one critic’s personal journey and a ride through film from the beginning to the modern age of digital filmmaking. Lack’s analysis is superb, and the honest critic offers so much more to his fans than can be found in the less ambitious works of the day.    

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