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Dann Gire’s “‘Buddies,’ ‘Year’ Take a Cynical View on Love” Is an Ugly, Crowded, Waste of Time

In response to Dann Gire’s 174‑word review of I Give It a Year on Daily Herald (IL)

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Chicago’s Daily Herald provides movie reviews that feel as though they were mass produced and are hot off some sort of assembly line. Dann Gire, the factory foreman, crowds his space with two short, pointless reviews that will leave readers deflated and unenlightened.

Gire seems to employ a simple formula in getting his reviews into print. Step one, copy and paste the back of the DVD case. Step two, add spoilers.

This truly is an example of movie reviewing at its most lazy. No attempt at analysis is made, in fact, Gire doesn’t even attempt to make a recommendation beyond his cryptic star rating. He might be giving the film two stars out of three, or two stars out of a million. His meager text give very scant clues as to which it is.

The whole affair feels like a cheap imitation of a movie review. As Gire moves from discussing one movie on to the next, the only indication that the topic has shifted is a bullet point. The narrow column with an enormous ad is just a testament that this is nothing more than a money grab. Cynical view is not worthy to be read, and cannot be forgotten soon enough.    

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