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Adam Woodward’s “Escape Plan Review” Unleashes an Arsenal of Snark

In response to Adam Woodward’s 578‑word review of Escape Plan on Little White Lies

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“Snark” is a word that tends to have a negative connotation these days. Those with a cynical edge to them are referred to as “snarky,” and it’s generally not meant as a compliment. A little snark can be a good thing, though, as Adam Woodward’s “Escape Plan Review” proves.

Snark is best used in small doses, and Woodward uses just enough to make “Escape Plan Review” entertaining without making it a tedious, condescending snipefest. He employs it almost lovingly, giving his subject the gentle teasing it deserves.

Because really, if you take a film like Escape Plan totally seriously, then you’re not doing it any more of a service than you’re doing the reader. It should be treated with a light touch, and Woodward pulls that off nicely. The tone of the review is breezier than a seaside resort with a low pressure front moving in.

That’s not to say that there isn’t effective criticism at the core of Woodward’s writing.  By the end of the review, the reader has a strong sense of what does and does not work with Escape Plan. It’s the rare review that manages to both entertain and inform, and that makes “Escape Plan Review” one of the finest gems of the season.    

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