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Kirk Baird’s “‘Dark World’ Brightens” Is as Subtle as the Weather Forecast

In response to Kirk Baird’s 798‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Toledo Blade

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It’s not an easy task spinning gold out of the often dull thread of superhero films. It takes a keen wit and the ability to write a serious review that is, well, not so serious. Baird does an acceptable job with “‘Dark World’ brightens ‘Thor’ series,” but he’s lacking the requisite amount of wit to really make the review a home run.

The problem with ‘Dark World’ brightens is that it’s all surface area. There’s nothing underneath, no hammer-based puns, no clever quips about the wardrobe, no references to any other movie besides The Avengers (and that comparison could have been made a few fewer times). It’s just a straight-forward, no-nonsense review where, frankly, a little nonsense would have been more than welcome.

That doesn’t necessarily make ‘Dark World’ brightens a bad review, but it certainly makes it a bit of a chore to read. It gets the job done, but it’s a pretty dull job if you don’t at the very least get a few coffee breaks.

Reviews of superhero movies should be fun, not overly-serious. Maybe a review of one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies could get away with an excess of sobriety, but this is a Thor movie we’re talking about. Lighten up.    

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