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Luke Y. Thompson Offers Weak Argument in “Fanboy Flick Pick”

In response to Luke Y. Thompson’s 1066‑word review of Ender’s Game on Topless Robot

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Luke Y. Thompson’s “Fanboy Flick Pick: Ender’s Game Onscreen as Capable Cliffs Notes” is a curious case as a work of film criticism.

Thompson brought his father-in-law to the screening in the hopes that his military background would provide some prescient insights, which raises an interesting question; has the critic shirked the responsibility to critique by not offering his or her own opinion or does it simply shed new light on the subject matter to include a different perspective?

In the case of Fanboy Flick Pick, it’s the former. Thompson’s father-in-law, it can only be assumed, has no background in film or the critique of film, and, while a military perspective may be an interesting side note, it’s a secondary consideration to the merits of the film itself. Unfortunately, Thompson lazily copies and pastes his father-in-law’s assessment, offering very little in the way of personal commentary, aside from his thoughts on the film’s connection to 9-11 and its author’s obsession with homosexuality.

The film is “about as good as we could have expected,” but why? As a reader, you’re left to guess at the reasons, and that means the critic has failed you.

If you care whether Ender’s uniform is militarily accurate, this one’s for you, but if you’re looking for real critique, look elsewhere.    

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