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Rick Kisonak Dances With References and Country Music in “Gravity”

In response to Rick Kisonak’s 610‑word review of Gravity on Film Threat

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Rick Kisonak is a visionary introduction storyteller in his latest work, “Gravity.” The critic does a remarkable job setting a friendly and fun tone right out of the gates, but once the review is underway, he sadly has very little to say.

Gravity opens with five paragraphs that essentially provide nothing for the reader. Kisonak explains that he liked the open, but fails to provide any worthy information other than references to Apollo 13 and the music. The critic refrains from a clear statement on the film, and glides along as if living out a space dream on a webpage.

When Kisonak’s Gravity moves on, it is only to make the inevitable Kubrick correlation. The review proceeds to the following statement: “To say one word more about what happens would not just violate movie critic law; it would be rude.” With that, Kisonak’s Gravity is essentially over except for one final paragraph that summarizes the film.

One will appreciate the spoiler respect that Kisonak shows to the audience, however the problem with the review is the complete lack of information. It’s almost as if the critic needed to fill space to lead up to the big statement. The first five paragraphs serve little purpose.

Kisonak’s Gravity must be avoided, because it is a gaping hole in the review world that could suck you into the vast space of nothing.    

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